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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hobby Shop Happiness: Train Toys for Bigger Kids

The Union Pacific "Big Boy"
at the National Railroad Museum
in Green Bay Wisconsin
What do you do when your children are too big for the Thomas the Tank Engine and Chugginton toys, but still LOVE trains? Two words: hobby shop! We're in the middle ground for kids who love trains -- too big, strictly speaking -- for the train toys that first became beloved in preschool and not quite old enough -- especially when there's a curious toddler in the house -- for real model railroading. That doesn't keep me from being dragged over to look at model trains at every possible chance by that discriminating second grader.Our mission to Hobby Lobby yesterday was to secure the pieces needed for a King Tut Halloween costume -- a departure from many years as a train engineer! Never fear, the first love is always near and dear to his heart. While I was looking for the materials we needed, he asked to look at the model kits aisle. Three happy discoveries were made:

  • Our local Hobby Lobby, after a period of limited model train items has "new model trains, Mom! Look at this! Look!" Guess we weren't the only ones feeling the loss. 
  • They are also stocking Power Trains, which is the perfect toy to bridge that age and ability gap between all things Thomas/Brio/Chuggington and all things N Scale/HO Scale/G Scale. 
  • Amid the model car kits, my future engineer was thrilled to finally discover (how long has he been searching for this?) the Revell Big Boy Locomotive model kit. And suddenly, the money being saved in the piggy bank has now been redirected to a purchase of that very kit. Sure, it's for ages 10 and up, but he's ambitious. (And I'm not about to discourage saving up dollars or interest in history.) 
Soon, we got back to our shopping purpose, but not without looking at the very same aisle one more time before we left, just to be sure those wonderful things were still there. 

The Big Boy in real life!

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