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Monday, October 14, 2013

Glenview: Abt, a marble run and other fun

Abt's atrium marble run
Good news for family harmony: many railroad aficionados love any display of mechanical engineering. If your train fans enjoy entertainment that isn’t strictly railroad tracks, be sure to make a stop at Abt Electronics in Glenview. This home goods emporium is our go-to place for household appliances, not just for the products and the prices, but for the fun in every corner of the building. For the track-lovers, head to the atrium in the center of the building. Just behind the fountain, a large marble run catches the attention of anyone who loves to see machinery with a Rube Goldberg sensibility. It's a great place to stand while eating the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies the store offers on weekends and holidays. When your cookie is gone, step into the bubble booth and see if the Hoola-hoop-sized ring and pulley can encase you in a life-sized bubble. Linger long enough and the atrium's fountain may entertain you with a synchronized music and light show. Need more to see? By the customer service counter, a granite kugel ball spins easily on its base thanks to precise design and a thin film of water. Getting your fingers wet by giving it a nudge is just fine. Or meander over to the camera department and check out the 7,500 gallon fish tank. Keep looking around. There's always something else to see and the kids won't complain if shopping takes awhile in this store. 
Abt: A store for "kids" who like all kinds of things that go
Abt is at 1200 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Glenview. 

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