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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costume: Train Engineer Redux

2007: Our First Engineer 
2013: Engineer #2 runs to catch up
with the big kids and candy!

Momma bragging moment: Take a look at my youngest decked out as a train engineer for trick or treating tonight. Of the three costumes we needed to assemble this year, it was the easiest since this outfit is exactly what his big brother wore at the same age. I couldn't help but be sentimental remembering the first time this ensemble hit the streets, worn by someone who thought he was supposed to share the candy in his bucket with the people who opened the doors. (Aww...) Even though it was almost impossible for this little guy to keep up with the rest of our speedy group, he was determined to carry his own bucket and walk to every house. The rain didn't stop the big kids and it didn't stop our little engineer, either. The only thing he didn't like about the day was mom's insistence on taking pictures (He hates cameras -- too much flash in the eyes). He didn't really understand why he couldn't eat candy as soon as it was given to him, either, but really, who doesn't want to dive in to that glorious loot right away! 

So, let's hear it for the easiest, guaranteed-smile producing costume for a toddler boy: train engineer. One pair of stripped overalls, one engineer hat, one cozy fleece shirt and one snug red handkerchief. Done and happy. He even kept the hat on his head!

(By the way, the Union Pacific patch that appeared on the overalls the first time around has since been relocated to at least two other, larger overalls. Not everything gets passed down to Little Brother!)   

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