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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Winfield: Gnarly Knots

View from the door of Gnarly Knots
Winfield, Illinois -- As the real-estate professionals often tell us, a good site is all about "location, location, location." Translated for grown-ups escorting small ones that means: "trains and food." May I present to you the culinary wonder that is Gnarly Knots of Winfield. Perhaps like my children, your little folk prefer to get all their dietary needs met through snacking. Gnarly Knots can oblige with a meal-sized pretzel the size of a kid's adorable salty face. Flavors change daily (and sell out quickly), but salted, cheese and pretzel dogs are favorites. Popular as this place is, you might find yourself standing in line for a moment or two. Not to worry. Gnarly Knots is conveniently situated just across the street from the tracks of Union Pacific's West Line. Waiting isn't waiting if it's staring at a Metra zipping by or a UP engine idling on the tracks. (Maybe the engineers needed a snack, too.) Gnarly Knots is just down the road from Hedges Station Depot, if you need sustenance after a railroad museum visit and a park outing. It's also just around the corner from the Central DuPage Hospital campus, making it even better than a sticker for a post check-up treat. 

Gnarly Knots: 27W570 High Lake Road, Winfield, IL 
Welcome to Gnarly Knots!

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