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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Helping kids see those model trains

At the Lego train show our family attended last weekend, I noticed a bit of brilliant parenting that needs sharing. That's my daughter in the picture, peering over the edge of the Plexiglas barrier between the visitors and the display. (Not complaining about the barrier here. Without those things, all those Lego bricks, trains and buildings would be like a salad bar for toddlers -- grab it and go, or just poke it out of place for a bit.) My five-year old is just at the age where she can sort of see things without constantly begging to be lifted up, which is good because her little brother spends the whole time either being held up or repeating "Up? See?" with arms outstretched. Enter the wise parenting. I noticed not one, but two families who brought along portable, fold-able step stools. The very kind we have at home for reaching the sink and then tucking in a corner when they aren't needed. Brilliant! Why haven't I thought of this before? The thing folds up, it has a carrying handle, and hauling a small step stool into a family event is no more aggravating lifting 20 to 30 or more pounds of small person up every time something catches their eye. This stool deserves to live in the van. 

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