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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Girls like trains, too!

Railroad Girl
(a few years ago)
I'm a little surprised it that was my daughter who called my attention to today's Google Doodle. Take a peek; it's a sleek drawing of an Art Deco engine by Raymond Loewy. (Past doodles are cataloged here if you miss it today) Plopping down in front of the computer for a bit of screen time my girl announced, "Mom, look at this!" This is the girl who often tells me how much she doesn't like trains, mostly since she has two brothers who love them and she would like to be her own princess-y self, thank you very much. On the other hand, she has been known to build some nice train layouts and play track-building computer games when no one is looking or "because he wanted me to," which she says while pointing to the two-year old brother.  Only time will tell how much interest in or disdain for trains sticks with her, but I think its safe to say, girls like trains, too, and they don't even need to be pink!

Raymond Loewy's design influence can be seen
on this Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive
 displayed at the National Railroad Museum 
in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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