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Monday, August 19, 2013

Winfield: Hedges Station

Hedges Station Depot in Winfield's Oakwood Park
        Having kids who love trains, I often repeat safety warnings about the dangers of getting too close to real railroad tracks. Fortunately, the noise at most stations keeps them safely away from rail lines. They were delighted to discover a place last week where wandering across the tracks was perfectly safe. Winfield's Hedges Station Depot is a small 1800s depot that has been moved to its current Oakwood Park location. Inside there are a few rooms to explore and some artifacts from town history. It's a quick walk-through for youngsters because getting back to the outside tracks is the priority. A short stretch of reconstructed tracks offers all sorts of opportunities to "play train."  Once that's been done, exploring the rest of the park and its playground make the outing enjoyable enough that, before we even left, my oldest said, "This is a great park. When can we come back here?" 

Winfield is a designated "Train Town"
One of the railroad artifacts inside the depot

Want to know more? Hedges Station is Winfield's oldest standing building. Read more of its story here and here

After a visit to the depot
enjoy the playground, too

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