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Monday, November 19, 2012

At least I get top billing

My oldest left this note for me on our kitchen memo board the other day. It pretty much sums up why I started this blog. I love my kids, they (usually) love me, and we all love trains. Aww.

We're entering a great season to be a train-loving kid. Between the numerous Polar Express-themed programs, model trains circling Christmas trees in countless holiday displays and enough time off from school and work to hit the restaurants and hobby shops on our to-see list, delightful days are ahead.

By the way, rumor has it that a storefront in downtown Geneva boasts a  new train restaurant opening soon. We will be joining the eager masses who are bound to flock there as soon as it opens in the new year. If you just can't wait for an excuse to tour Geneva, which couldn't be more adorable than it is during the Christmas season, pop into the Geneva Diner on 2nd Street and tell the kids it started as a diner in a real rail car. See if they can picture what it would have been like when it opened many decades ago. Then wander back a few blocks south and watch the real trains zip through town.

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